As a proud Qatari company, we are committed to recruit, develop and retain Qatari Nationals to join our team and propel Muntajat further along the road to success, growth and profitability.

Muntajat is committed to the Strategic Qatarization Plan and to maximising the number of Qatari Nationals in our workforce. We focus on the development of existing Qatari employees supported by substantial efforts to recruit Qatari graduates in marketing, sales and administrative disciplines.

Muntajat's Human Resources Department supports our Qatarization programme through the robust implementation of Training Programmes (in-house, local and overseas), Professional Development, Internships, Graduate Projects, Recruitment and Networking (Schools, Universities, Educational Sectors).

Every Qatari Professional who aspires to further develop their career and who meets the requirements for employment in the chemicals, polymers and fertilizers sector, is invited to step forward and join us.