Polystyrene - Crystal & Impact

Based on more than 40 years experience in the field the Total Polystyrene products will give you access to state of the art performances to meet your stringent market needs whether your business deals with appliances, food packaging, insulation, fast moving consumer goods or more.

Total PS resins can be used for appliances. From HIPS, for a perfect liner highly resistant to aggressive liquids, to very transparent GPPS for crisper bins and drawer. From fast extrusion processes followed by a thermoforming step for the creation of smooth liners to the precise injection of drawers and other parts plastic packaging using Total Polystyrene resins can help you reduce weight and cost, while also providing freshness, convenience, and the aesthetics essential to achieving consumer sales – all while maintaining stringent quality requirements.

For insulation Total polystyrene can bring you a significant advantage for energy savings.

The use of these materials will ensure an efficient top-class processing combined with top of the class performance quality records.


Material Code  
Polystyrene Crystal 1160  
Polystyrene Crystal 1340  
Polystyrene Crystal 1450N  
Polystyrene Crystal 1810  
Polystyrene Crystal 1540  
Polystyrene Crystal 1960N
Polystyrene Impact 3450
Polystyrene Impact 3630
Polystyrene Impact 5240
Polystyrene Impact 6540
Polystyrene Impact 7240
Polystyrene Impact 8260