Total Lumicene® and Total Lumicene Supertough® products are designed to meet specific requirements in the domain of flexible packaging and personal care.

The high density Total Lumicene® grades M4040 and M6040 are tailor made to fulfill the needs of our customers in cast film extrusion when looking for higher stiffness/ planarity and downgauging potential. The hygiene market is a typical application for these grades.

The high density Total Lumicene® grades M4707EP, M5510EP and M6012EP are specially designed to give enhanced stiffness in combination with optimized optics. So they fulfill the needs of our customers in blown  film extrusion when looking for higher planarity, heat resistance, and  downgauging potential.

On top of that the high density Total Lumicene® grades have a very low haze which makes them the best choice for high clarity stiff(er) Polyethylene film. Total Lumicene® M6012EP has a very good water vapor barrier which makes it the ideal grade for packaging dry goods.


Material Code  
Lumicene MPEM6040  
 Lumicene MPEM5510EP  
 Lumicene MPEM6012EP  
 Lumicene M4040  
 Lumicene M4707EP  


Lumicene Supertough

The  Total Lumicene Supertough® family of metallocene polyethylene is a breakthrough for multilayer film structures that embraces the industry need for easy to process, high-performance, downgauging solutions for the industrial, hygiene and food film sectors.

Thanks to its special molecular design Total Lumicene Supertough®creates a step-change in downgauging and is often used as a recycling booster. Total Lumicene Supertough® has superior mechanical properties (including flex crack resistance and  dart drop) and is easy to process.

Total has Lumicene Supertough® grades available for both blown film as cast film extrusion.

Please note that the data included in the tables are given for information only and are not intended for specification purposes.

For more information feel free to take a look on the website of Total: http://www.polymers.total.com/europe

Lumicene Supertough

Material Code  
Lumicene Supertough 20ST20  
Lumicene Supertough 22ST05  
Lumicene Supertough 32ST05  
Lumicene Supertough 33ST22S01