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Mr. Ahmad Al- Derbasti
Executive Director Marketing and Sales, Chemicals
Muntajat, Qatar Chemical and Petrochemical Marketing and Distribution Company Q.J.S.C.

Mr. Al-Derbasti is the Executive Director Marketing and Sales, Chemicals at Muntajat. Mr. Al-Derbasti day-to-day responsibility now encompasses Muntajat's marketing and sales business, supply chain and commercial operations activities, of the company’s rich portfolio of chemicals.

Mr. Al-Derbasti has 25 years of experience in the energy industry having held a several of leading roles in a number of organisations including the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Qatar Chemical Company (Q-Chem).

Throughout his career, Mr. Al-Derbasti has developed a strong background in Petrochemicals Marketing & Sales and Customer Care Environments. He took part in a number of marketing, sales, management trainings from foreign countries and routinely attend conferences, seminars, workshops, to gather data, exchange views, experiences, and information with colleagues holding similar roles in the Petrochemicals Industries.

Mr. Al-Derbasti holds a BSc degree from Western Michigan University (School of Engineering & Applied Science, 1989), as well as a Master of Engineering Management degree in Marketing of Technology from George Washington University (1995).